Retractable swimming platform

Spirit Yachts
Horsens, Denmark & Ipswich, UK

Project developed for Spirit Yachts the world leader in modern classic yacht design and build. The objective was to develop retractable swimming platform for one of the new upcoming models. The challenge of the design was the negative angle of the transom (backside of the yacht). After multiple design concept, we agreed to further develop the concept that can be seen bellow.  The platform is able to withstand dynamically applied load by 2 people, can retract using electric motor, with a failsafe mechanism, is possible to comfortably maintain and the mechanism is nearly invisible when in the closed position. 

Hydrofoils tooling design

Cobra Composite Structures and Seabubbles
Chonburi, Thailand

Developing tooling design for production of hydrofoils of the new “flying” electric boat by Seabubbles, while interning at Cobra Composite Structures. Design of the hydrofoils was delivered by the client (i.e. Seabubbles) and the structural composition by external company. The task was to create tooling design to build a prototype of the new Seabubbles boat. Plugs and mold plugs were precisely CNCed, and consequently laminated over to create mold ready to build the prototype hydrofoils. 

Electric motor powered paddle boat

VIA University College
Horsens, Denmark

Vessel developed at VIA University College as a semester project. Composed of floats able to support up to 6 people. Rudder system, and train system are designed to allow the vessel to be powered by pedaling, electric motor or by the combination of both.  

Steering system for Formula Student vehicle

VIA Hunters & VIA University College 
Horsens, Denmark

Development of a steering system for VIA Hunters, Formula Student racing team at VIA University College. Steering system was developed according to the team strategy and rules of the Formula Student competition in Silverstone (UK). Some of the factors being: allowing quick exit from the vehicle, weight and budget restrictions, maximum of 7 degrees of “freeplay” in the steering wheel, specified minimal turning radius, making use of available materials etc.

Injection molded lamp

VIA University College
Horsens, Denmark

Designing a lamp that had to fulfill following conditions: must be able to contain a solar panel and all components required for operation, can be attached to a bus pole, is resistant against casual vandalism attempts, IP65 water and dust resistancy, suitable for outdoors, must be mostly composed by injection molded parts.

Electric bus concept proposal

VIA University College
Horsens, Denmark

Concept design of an electric bus developed according to the clients description.  

Micro projects

Mini projects developed as  micro projects for companies, for university or in spare time.